Step 1: 

You Lodge Online

Complete a simple online form. It will take you 5 mins. Then sit back and relax, we do everything else.

How does it work?

If you’ve received a letter from Customs requiring you to lodge an Import Declaration (N10 / B374), our online lodgement process is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to ensure your parcel gets delivered to your door with the minimum Duty/GST payable.

We assess your goods to minimise your Duty/GST payable, and then electronically lodge with Customs

Step 3: 

Australia Post Delivers To You

Once completed, we notify you by email and Australia Post delivers to your door. It’s that simple

Once completed, we notify you by email and Australia Post delivers to your door. It’s that simple

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Step 2: 

We Customs Clear

Step 3: 

Australia Post Delivers To You

How much does it cost?

The most you’ll pay – in addition to what you would pay when doing it yourself – is just $37.

Because we only incur a $50 Customs Entry Fee, but self-lodgement attracts a $90 fee.
So you immediately save $40 by using eCustoms Broker.


We can often exempt you from the 5% Duty,  saving you at least a further $50.
Our Mission: To legally exempt clients from every possible cost.

Australia’s No. 1 Postal Customs Broker

7 Years Postal Clearance Experience

Australia Post is our specialisation

Our Professional Fees

24hr Standard Clearance – $77
3hr Priority Clearance – $132

Customs/Government Fees

5% Customs Duty + 10% GST +
$50 Customs Entry Fee

Why should you use eCustoms Brokers Services?

Receive the goods in your hands up to 9 Business Days earlier


Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve got a letter from customs but never done this before? 
That’s okay, most clients are in the same position.  It’s very easy, you just click “Start Clearance Now” and complete the simple form, then we do the rest. 

Once we release your consignment then Australia Post will deliver it to your door.

How fast can you do it? 
We can get your parcel cleared in as little as three hours.

What do I need to do? 
You can complete the whole process online - it is very simple. However, if you do get stuck we’re here to help.

How much does it cost? 
$77 (incl GST) is all it costs to let us do everything; ensure your peace of mind and receive your goods 10 days earlier.

What’s the benefit of using a broker? 
Generally,  we will save you enough money, time and hassle to more than justify the nominal fees we charge.

How does it work? 
You provide us with a copy of your                                                      and your purchase receipt via the Online Form. 

Then we evaluate your goods against the legislation to reduce (or eliminate) your Duty/GST liability, and electronically lodge with Customs to release your consignment.


No need to fill out the B374 or find a tariff classification


Waive your liability to fines (up to $2,550) for an incorrect B374


Yes, in 83% of cases it’s even cheaper than B374 self-lodgement



What People Are Saying about eCustoms Brokers

“Really fast and responsive team and even though I provided the wrong reference number by mistake they were more than accommodating. Well worth the nominal fee they charge.”

UMAR AZEEM (Google Review)

“Excellent customer service from Greg. Quickly replied to emails and took the hassle and pain out of the clearance. Highly recommend, this is the second time using these guys and keen to use again in the future.”

SELFIECLIPS (Google Review)


Customs Letter

Step 2: 

We Customs Clear

*Customs Clearances up to 3                                           , additional lines $5.50ea. 1.5% c/card surcharge applies to all fees. 
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We Make Customs Clearance Fast, Easy and Stress-Free

Got a Parcel Stuck in Customs?

Start Clearance Now

Complete a simple online form and attach your purchase receipt/ email. 

It will take you 5 mins.

*What is 'Customs Reference Number'?

Cleared in Just 3hrs

Trusted by Over 4,000 Importers Australia-Wide

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